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January 5, 2015: Forbes “How To Keep Your Corporate Branding Strategy On The Cutting-Edge”

December 4, 2014: Big City Moms “Holiday Gift Guide: 18 Days of Gifting”

December 1, 2014: About.com Travel “What to Buy the Traveler in Your Life: Travel Technology”

November 30, 2014: Times-Standard News “Historic Daly's Department Store Inspires Online Business”

November 25, 2014: MyFOX DFW “myFOX Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys”

November 25, 2014: EveryJoe “Holiday Gifts for the Bromosexual”

November 20, 2014: AARP “The Smart Way to Start a Small Business”

November/December 2014: imbibe “2014 Holiday Gift Guide”

November 11, 2014: EveryJoe “How to Dress on Your First Date”

November 6, 2014: Too Many Adapters “The Ultimate Tech Gift Guide For Travelers”

November 3, 2014: Texas Lifestyle Magazine “Fall Fitness Fashion (#FFF): Get the look while you burn the calories”

October 12, 2014: Fast Life Luxury “The New Generation of Wearable Tech”

October 8, 2014: New York Times “Fashion and Functionality Meet in Smart Jewelry”

October 6, 2014: Made Man “Packing List: Your perfect fall getaway”

September 5, 2014: Houston Chronicle “Department store from 1895 reborn as 21st-century website: High-end goods attract young men, six-figure incomes”

December 16, 2013: Rye & Rivet “Giveaway Dalys 1895 & Brinko Ties”

December 11, 2013: Suddenly Single... Minded “What to get him for christmas?”

Devember 10, 2013: Complex “Holiday Gift Guide: The best gifts to win over your girl's parents”

December 4, 2013: Corri McFadden “For your man gift guide & giveaway”

December 3, 2013: SenGen “Shop Watch: Dalys 1895”

December, 2013: Manhattan With A Twist “Holiday Gift Guide: For the man in your life”

December, 2013: A&H “Small things matter”

December, 2013: Insidehook “Off the Cuff”

November 21, 2013:Groomed LA“Cool bags and cufflinks for dudes at Dalys 1895”

November 11, 2013: GTONGE1 “One of the best mens online accessories sites”


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