Men’s Jewelry


  • Men's Bracelets

    One of the most universal accessories that men and women both wear is a bracelet. We have a large variety of bracelets that we offer to you, based on your style. Whether you prefer leather, metal or beaded bracelets, we have a lot of bracelets that you can choose from.

    Men's Bracelets
  • Men's Cufflinks

    Cufflinks have been long known as symbols of elegance and style, and the cufflinks that we offer at Dalys 1895 are no different. However, we have also included a few styles of cufflinks that are unique and stylish, and which can appeal to just about any man and which make perfect gift ideas.

    Men's Cufflinks
  • Men's Necklaces

    Men's Necklaces
  • Men's Pendants

    Men's Pendants
  • Men's Rings

    Men's Rings
  • Men's Tie Clips and Lapel Pins

    Tie clips and pins keep your tie in place and help you avoid the annoyance of having to readjust it. It’s incredible how something as small as a tie pin or clip can make such a big difference in the way that you look.

    Men's Tie Clips and Lapel Pins
  • Women's Bracelets

    Women's Bracelets
  • Women's Earrings

    Women's Earrings
  • Women's Necklaces

    Women's Necklaces
  • Women's Pendants

    Women's Pendants
  • Women's Rings

    Women's Rings

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