Many men forget about the importance of properly accessorizing. Dressing for success in any facet of life means understanding the details that will accentuate your personal style and by extension, your personality. While men’s fashion accessories range from belts and bracelets to bow ties and bags, it is true that accessories (or a lack thereof) can cripple what could be an otherwise stunning style. Here’s a nifty little guide to explain why men need accessories and how to wear them.


Bracelets Are Not Just for Women

Bracelets are having a resurgence as a men’s fashion accessory. Men’s bracelets come in a wide variety of colors, materials and styles including leather, beaded, and metal. There is even a William Henry bracelet that was hand-crafted from the tooth of an extinct wooly mammoth. From simple to intricate, bracelets must be an extension of your your style while still complementing your outfit. Leather is more versatile than metal or beads, but it is dependent on what your style is. If you wear darker colors, a strong bracelet may match the hue or tone of your shirt or jacket, or you may opt for a bracelet that is a bit more ostentatious that draws attention to it. Lighter colors, such as tans and whites go well with braided leather bracelets, but you can also contrast your outfit with a darker bracelet.

Bow Ties  

Bow Tie Me Up, Bow Tie Me Down

Bow ties are becoming more acceptable among young, professional men that have eschewed the traditional men’s tie, but aren’t exactly the button-down type. Bow ties are a great men’s fashion accessory because there is such a variety of colors, patterns and textures available, that there is a multitude of ways to pair up a good bow tie with your outfit. Bow ties can be used to either complement or contrast your wardrobe, including both casual and professional attire. Plus, nothing says “dapper” like a good-looking bow tie.

Pocket Squares  

It’s Not a Handkerchief! (The Sophistication of Pocket Squares)

Pocket squares are an absolutely necessary luxury accessory for men. Pocket squares can be matched to your tie or bow tie, or even socks, and can also be used to offset or contrast the color of your jacket. While most formal or professional outfits utilize the sophisticated style of the pocket square, there are some casual outfits with a sports jacket that could use a dash of color and stylish fold, and are perfectly suited for a pocket square.

Any way you look at them, pocket squares are here to stay. Professionals like to accent their suits with luxury silk. Whether it’s business or pleasure, wearers can look more sophisticated and classy by simply adding a pocket square to their look. As a major part of an ensemble, the pocket square cannot be overlooked.


Belts: A Lesson On How to Keep Your Pants Up

Another important men’s fashion accessory is a good belt. Luxury belts are crafted from a variety of quality materials, from aged leather to alligator skin, that adorn your waist. Your belt should always complement your outfit, whether you are feeling more reserved than ostentatious—orderly or chaotic? But things aren’t always so black-and-white (or brown).

Of course, everyone knows that some of the best belts in the world come from the Italians, but there are several amazing belt makers all over the world creating hand-crafted luxury belts that are unforgettably sleek and stylish, that come in a wide range of colors and materials that there is always a luxury belt to fit any luxurious style and waistline.


What’s in the Bag?

Men’s luxury bags have become much more acceptable in the 21st century, and there is a variety of different men in both professional and casual attire that carry all types of bags. There are custom designer handbags, satchels, duffels and weekend bags, to name a few. As more men are carrying bags as accessories, these bags become more important to the overall look one is trying to achieve. The various types of men’s luxury bags is staggering, from the canvas satchels used by students to the sporty leather weekend bags used by CEOs during their excursions to the gym. With so many different styles to choose from, what’s your bag?

Now that’s how you wear some men’s luxury accessories. If you know how to complement and contrast your outfit with the right accessories, your entire look will be elegant and sophisticated yet effortless—or as the Italian’s put it, sprezzatura. What are some of your favorite accessories to wear with your men’s fashions?