The bag has always existed in men’s fashion, from the suitcase to the weekend duffle, bags have always been a way for men to showcase a touch of style while incorporating functionality. Simply put, people need bags. Whether it’s for work or play, you’re going to need something to place your stuff in--so you might as well look great doing it. Dalys 1895 Bags


Below you’ll find a primer on the man’s bag, and how you can use one of Daly’s bag’s to upgrade your look.


The Weekender



The Weekender is the quintessential way of traveling in style, especially when you just need a few small changes of clothes for a quick weekend trip. The Weekender bag pairs beautifully with that casual blazer, dark denim and sunglass vibe. A nice brown leather, black or navy bag will be sure to touch up your look, and make traveling a lot easier.

The Otto & Messenger Bags



The Messenger and Otto Bags (which is a variation on the messenger bag) are a great accessory and also fine bags for travel (much more sleek than a backpack..or fanny pack, right?). It’s a great casual pairing, and also a great place to store your laptop and notebooks for a quick trip to the office.


The Duffle



We all have that old bag in the back of our closet, the one that we stuff our belongings in when we take that holiday trip, or drive to a family function. While this may be the reliable way, it’s certainly not the most stylish. A nice duffle bag is a certain way to travel with class.

For Business: Plane Bag, Briefcase & Anglers Bag



A lot of men’s style is centered around business. Whether it’s the dressed up three-piece suit, or the dressed down blazer and chinos, men’s fashion has it’s ancestry in work. Therefore, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your business attire with a bag. For instance the slim briefcase, the ornate angler or the classic plane bag. You can go with leather for a more classic and professional look, or canvas for something a bit casual.

What’s your staple bag? Tell us in the comments!