Pens, as simple as they might seem, are much more than meet the eye. While pens might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about men’s accessories, they are an essential part to any man’s accessory collection. Pens carry with them a long tradition of stateliness, elegance, and class, and are valued for their style as much as their functionality.

Dalys 1895 carries a diverse collection of TF Est 1968 pens with unique features and extras to attract any pen collector.

The TF Est 1968 Clockwork pen offers a distinctive writing experience coupled with superior design and mechanics. Available in a number of finishes, including sterling silver as well as rose and yellow gold plating, these pens are the ultimate in luxury and professional design. Everything from their finishing touches and internal construction to the pen’s grip has been carefully manufactured for a heightened writing experience. 

TF Est 1968 T-Mechanical Pen from Dalys 1895

The TF Est 1968 T-Mechanical Pen hearkens back to what makes pens great in the first place—sleek and simple designs and quality mechanics. The T-Mechanic pen includes a peek into the inner workings of the class timepiece with a display of working clock parts as an ode to watch enthusiasts. Its Swiss craftsmanship is highlighted by its reliable engineering and smooth grip. This pen looks great in your breast pocket, on the desk, and in the hand.


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