If you don’t know the Tateossian brand, then you don’t know men’s jewelry. Tateossian has grown into a world-class designer of men’s luxury jewelry and accessories out of its humble beginnings. Established in 1990 by Robert Tateossian and based in London, the contemporary designs for men’s bracelets and other jewelry infuse unique materials (including mammoth bone, black diamond, and meteorite) with impeccable style. Its multiple award-winning masterpieces have cemented the Tateossian brand as a leader in men’s luxury fashion accessories for a quarter-century. So, what’s the secret to this success? The Tateossian brand has become synonymous with men’s luxury accessories, with a proven ability to evolve its designs with changing tastes, establish new luxury trends, and to keep a pulse on the future of its niche.


A Man of Many Luxuries

Robert Tateossian brings his passion for luxury, inspired by a lifetime of international travel, to each of his creations. The native Kuwaiti grew up abroad, studying at prestigious institutions across Europe, even attending the Wharton School of Business in the United States. During these formidable years, the multilingual finance professional developed a keen aesthetic sensibility and eye for detail, which stayed reserved as he spent seven years as an investment banker with Merrill Lynch, until he finally decided to start his own company to engage with his creativity and love of men’s luxury fashion. Tateossian quickly became known as “King of Cufflinks” in the men’s luxury fashion industry, producing classically styled cufflinks that were being worn by everyone from high-profile lawyers to Hollywood stars. This led to creating bracelets, tie clips and more. The Tateossian brand garnered more fame with its innovative use of leather, 18-karat gold, silver, and precious gems, which has won several industry accolades.


First, Cufflinks...Then, the World!

The Tateossian brand originally made its name by crafting quality cufflinks that were more than mere cufflinks. Some of the more popular designs over the years include such gems as the Big Ben Mechanical Watch Cufflinks or perhaps a pair of Rhodium Round Mechanical Compass Cufflinks to stay on course. Or if you want to feel like James Bond, try the 2GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks. After 25 years and countless innovations in jewelry design and technology, Tateossian is still the reigning “King of Cufflinks”..


Real Men Wear Bracelets

By 2015, Tateossian has launched its brand in over 70 countries and cater to a diverse demographic of professional and affluent clientele that share a similar passion for design and style. Adorn the handmade Italian leather of the Ziggy Bracelet in Black Leather with Silver Clasp. If leather isn’t your thing, try the Disc Round Brown Wood Ebony Beaded Bracelet with Silver Spacer Discs or Disc Round Blue Sodalite Beaded Bracelet with Silver Spacer Discs. These luxury accessories are the perfect complement to any men’s fashion, be it casual or professional.

Tateossian continues to build its men’s fashion accessory niche into one of the most trusted men’s fashion brands in the world. What are some of your favorite Tateossian products?