Sometimes you have to look to the past to see the future. Designers are responsible for giving us that first glimpse into what we will be wearing, and based on the recent runways of Milan parading the latest work from Gucci, Armani, and Prada, the future of men’s fashion doesn’t so much lay at the edge of contemporary sleek, but rather embraces a retro style. Even houses like Burberry and Hardy Amies are looking into their past collections and combining elements of some classic styles with more modern sensibilities for the geek-chic crowd. Check out a preview of the future of men’s fashion from the 2016 men’s Fashion Week now to get some ideas for your own look.

Hardy Amies at 2016 Men’s Fashion Week in London.

When in Milan…

In the future (this upcoming Fall), subdued earthy tones will give way to grays and blues, but what would Fall be without a little color? The Italian would think it would be boring. Gucci showed its 2016 men’s collection by Alessandro Michele at this year’s men’s Fashion Week with a cacophony of colors, prints and textures that apparently is reviving the 1970s. Is your style more reserved or flamboyant?

Hey, 1972. 2016 called and said, “Welcome back!”

In the future, accessories still make the man. Whichever your style might prefer, you can always find some great men’s luxury accessories to match. If you want to go for that future-classic look, try some classy cufflinks or a tie clip. Top off your jacket with a unique (and colorful) pocket square, or pick up a fine, hand-crafted, leather tote bag to complete your look.

While it’s not unusual to find inspiration in the past, the future of men’s luxury fashion meshes some classic (if not forgotten) styles with a refined modernity to create a “new classic” look. Much like the cultural revolution of the decade that seems to have inspired the Italians’ androgynous and even gender-bending casualwear for 2016, the collection is obviously aimed at Millennials that want to dress like they’re in a Wes Anderson film.

Parisian Next-Wave

If the 70s isn’t your thing, the Parisians are fully revamping the post-punk/new-wave look of the 80s, with tight pants, leather, and skinny ties. The neo-mod look is super-cool and doesn’t shy away from the androgynous look that is sure to define Parisian street style this upcoming season. From what was seen on the runway at men’s Fashion Week, it looks like the future of men’s fashion has taken cues from the classic styles of the past and inspired by nostalgia, have created a retro-hybrid.

The future of men’s fashion in Paris looks straight out of 1981, like this collection by Yves Saint-Laurent.

Depending on your style, the 2016 men’s Fashion Week has shown what the future of men’s fashion is. What kind of look will you create?