But first--a bit of history.

Scarves can be traced back to Ancient Rome, however--instead of keeping one warm, they were instead used to wipe away sweat and keep cool. They were often dyed for a bit of vibrancy and hung around one’s neck or attached to one’s belt. The history of the scarf can also be traced back to Chinese Emperor Cheng, whose military used scarves to distinguish ranks in officers. In the 17th Century, the Croatians also used scarves to distinguish ranking officers, which later bled into daily wear by men.

By the early 1900’s scarves had become quite the common fashion piece, and it still serves as an essential classic staple in men’s wear today.

Scarves typically come in silk, wool and cotton. While all are fantastic fabrics, Daly’s carries wool and silk Caravaggio scarves.

Daly’s Caravaggio scarves is an Italian designer scarf that adds a bit of luxury to any piece. We offer a wide variety of scarves with subtle patterns to add class to any level of style.