Ring in the New Year with These Mens Accessories

Another year is upon us and here at Dalys 1895, it’d be remiss if we didn’t have some insight on how to ring in the New Year with these men’s accessories. From donning the perfect bow tie and pocket square for an elegant cocktail party to showing off some unique designer cufflinks. If it’s not a catered affair you’ll be attending this New Year’s Eve, you may need to BYOB, which means you’ll want a men’s designer bag to transport your New-Year’s-party-mini-bar safely (and stylishly) to your destination. So enough with the formalities, let’s ring in the New Year with these men’s accessories already!


What’s in a Pocket Square?

The pocket square is a staple of any man in attendance at a formal event. Even if it’s not all coattails-and-cocktails, the pocket square will accentuate your ensemble with a dash of color and/or pattern. Give off an aura of intrigue with these fine men’s designer pocket squares from some of today’s most sought after designers, including Bird Dog Bay, Caravaggio, Hook & Albert, Tateossian, and more.


Cufflinks Are the Gateway to Men’s Luxury Style

As many men will attest, cufflinks are essential to an overall complete look. Particularly for special events, such as celebrating the New Year with friends and family. These incredible men’s designer cufflinks, hand-crafted by some of the world’s greatest men’s jewelry and accessories designers. These aren’t your granddad’s cufflinks either. Try fitting your cuffs with a pair of wi-fi USB cufflinks and be the life of any party you attend.


Bow Ties Make the Man

While bow ties have endured changing men’s fashions over the past couple centuries, the modern bow tie can accentuate your style with bold colors or patterns that can carry a bit of whimsy, making your attire more playful and appealing. Bow ties are also excellent for formal affairs, whether you’re dressed in two-tone or decked out in color. Check out these men’s designer bow ties from some of the best designers in men’s fashion accessories, including Jeremy Argyle, Bruno Piatelli, and more.


What’s That on Your Wrist?

Modern men are more fluid in terms of style, and some men’s fashion accessories have become more acceptable over the years. While men’s bracelets have never had a place in most professional circles, bracelets are a popular accessory among men. Some men’s designer bracelets are hand-crafted from leather, precious metals and stones, even exotic materials like animal bone. This New Year’s Eve, try one of these men’s designer bracelets from some of the top designers in men’s fashion, from Astali and Konstantino to Tateossian and William Henry.


Have a Safe and Happy New Year

When you go out to celebrate the New Year, have fun and be safe. After all, you don’t want to ruin your wardrobe. What are you wearing this New Year’s Eve?