Styles and trends always tend to repeat themselves, but with the death of each old style, like a phoenix, they are reborn with next-generational sensibilities, aesthetics and utility. This is what we call “retro” style, and it is once again being adapted by the younger generations who are making it their own. Let’s look at some of today’s retro styles and how these men’s fashions fit into a postmodern world.

‘Summer of the Seventies’ in Italy

The Italians are spending summer in the 1970s, with looks from big houses like Prada and Gucci to new designers inspired by the adventure and exoticism once made famous by film stars of the era, like Steve McQueen and young Michael Douglas. Only these Italian summer street styles include bold splashes of color in everything from shirts and sport jackets to shoes and other accessories. Even the bell-bottom appears to have swished its way back onto runways, something unseen since the early 1990s, which recycled the 70s style but only captured the era’s flourished gaudiness. Thankfully, it quickly died out. Today’s new Italian retrofitting, like the 70s style-via-Milan-circa-2015, brings back some of the once-forgettable (or even regrettable) looks, but reimagined with a hipness that retains the gritty attitude of the time and mixed with contemporary trends for a new take on men’s retro fashion.

The 2015 Summer Men’s Collections that includes the 70s retro looks from Prada, Gucci, Armani and more.

Totally 80s, Dude!

The Millennials and Generation Z have embraced the styles of “the decade of excess”, but have repurposed these styles to suit their own contemporary fashion niche. Denim is huge once again. Men’s fashions coming off the runways of London, Paris, New York and many others reveal that the 80s retro style continues to evolve after gaining a resurgence over a decade ago. The new chic for men donning this era’s style depends on the level of one’s need to be either casual or professional, or somewhere in between. Many new designers are creating provocative retro styles that are drawn from the New Wave scene, early hip-hop culture, as well as capturing the feeling of that era.

The bold, bright colors and patterns take new forms with the latest summer men’s fashions from Dsquared2 brings back everything from retro new-wave punk to the 80s yuppie. You can even dress like David Lee Roth.

The Past is the Present is the Future

Yes our cultural fashion trends continue to repeat, but with each new cycle it becomes more exciting to see the inspired designs that are different yet somehow familiar, perhaps even nostalgic for some. The new retro styles seem to fit perfectly in a postmodern world because these styles continue to be adapted by new artists with new ideas that expand upon the old. In many ways, these retro styles really are timeless. What is your favorite retro men’s fashion style?