You likely know what I’m talking about--a nice blazer, crisp button down and tie. Everything should be looking sharp, but something is missing, and it’s hard to put your finger on just what it is. Likely, it’s because the outfit can use a little piece of flair to tie everything together. That’s where the pocket square comes in.

The pocket square is the perfect opportunity to add personality to your outfit, to make a statement, and give your suit or blazer a bit more of an edge.

Pocket squares have gotten quite the reboot in the past few years, and can be seen accompanying blazers of athletes, actors, designers and more.

Carvaggio Pocket SquareCarvaggio Pocket SquareBruo Piattelli Pocket Sqaure

The History of The Pocket Square

The pocket square actually has a pretty early origin. It can be traced back to 500 B.C. when wealthy Greeks, and then later French and English noblemen, would carry perfumed handkerchiefs, and cover their noses to mask the stench of the city streets.

In the early 1900’s a proper gentlemen would never leave his home without a pocket square tucked firmly in his coat pocket. At the turn of the century, pocket squares began to fade out in popularity--until recent years, as it’s become more common, and almost a necessity.


Pocket Square Guidelines


Don’t Leave Your Suit Naked!

As stated previously, a naked suit can be cringe-worthy, because it’s missing that “something”. The pocket square is a great way to add that personal touch to your outfit, so it’s better to have one than to not--it just looks better.

Proper Coordination
The rule of thumb is that your pocket square should compliment a color found within your tie. IE. If your tie has a hint of subtle red, bring it out more with a pocket square that has bolder red tones. Try not to match your square and tie exactly. This comes off as trying too hard, and just isn’t a well thought out look, so shy away from those shirt/tie/square combos at your department store.

A white pocket square is a classic, safe and handsome way to utilize a pocket square. It can go with any tie, or any blazer.

Don’t Stop at Ties
A square doesn’t have to stop if you’re not wearing a tie. A clean pocket square with a tie-less suit is perfectly acceptable. Actually, pairing a pocket square with a blazer and no-tie opens up a lot more pocket square options because you can really broaden your horizons on the type of square--as long as it pairs well with your blazer.