No other article of men’s clothing has proven as fashionable, versatile, or functional as a quality bag. Not only do bags prove useful when it comes to storing smaller valuables and clothing, they also have the ability to add a sense of intellectual sophistication to any outfit.

The key to selecting a bag is knowing what it will be used for. Knowing what your bag will be used for will help you determine the dimensions and materials you should look for while shopping. Buyers should also keep in mind what articles of clothing the bag will most commonly be paired with in order to decide on a color. While neutrals are typically safer for everyday bags since they are easily matched with different tones and fabrics, venturing into the world of color can also add a bit of visual excitement to an outfit.


The Messenger Bag:

The Messenger bag is the quintessential professional’s bag. The messenger bag is able to hold practically anything a working man might need going to and from the office. Their thinner, rectangular designs are ideal for laptops, electronic gear, books, and smaller supplies. Dalys 1895’s Will Leather Goods Messenger bags’ deceivingly small designs hold almost as much as an overnight bag, with spacious interiors for whatever you might need.



The Duffle Bag & Weekender Bag

The Duffle bag’s larger, more spacious designs serve as the ideal dimensions for a gym, overnight, or traveling bag. The Duffle bag is also typically sturdier than most other bags, built for heavier lifting and rugged travels. The Weekender bag offers the same roomy interior as the Duffle bag with only a slight difference in design and construction. Dalys 1895 carries a line of unique Duffle and Weekender bags from Archival clothing, Fred Perry, Moore and Giles, and Troubadour—made from leather and canvas, among other materials, for the stylish functionality you’ll need from your Duffle or Weekender bag.



The Backpack

The backpack has a tendency to be thought of as a schoolboy’s accessory; however, the backpack has graduated from cut-rate designs and construction into a sophisticated fashion accessory. The backpack can be used for a number of occasions, from work to leisure, and hold a good amount of cargo. Dalys 1895 houses some of the world’s most sharply designed backpacks from Will Leather Goods and British Belt Co., designed for convenience, versatility, and style.