Fall is here and it’s time to get your style in order. This means more than a new fall/winter wardrobe, it means there are some incredible men’s designer fashion accessories that you’ll need to up your luxury game this season, and look to the enviable runways of Paris, Milan, New York and London, where the world’s top fashion designers have been busy establishing what’s cool for men to wear this fashion season. From Alexander McQueen to Prada and more, check out the top three men’s designer fashion accessories that you need this fall.


Men&Bags Galore

Men’s bags in 2015 surged in sales across the globe as more and more professional men realize the importance of a good luxury bag. With the stigma of a man carrying a bag virtually gone within most societies, the number of men buying and using men’s designer bags has increased exponentially, particularly with younger generations. That’s great news for designers like Ben Minkoff, Ettinger, Fred Perry, Troubadour and others that are invested in establishing men’s fashion trends with their canvas and leather masterpieces. When it comes to men’s designer accessories, big players like Armani and Ferragamo already debuted their visions for this season at 2015 Men’s Fashion Week, where it was the gorgeous Italian leather bags that stole the runway and set the tone for fall/winter men’s fashion.


Keep Your Boots On

Some men many disregard their shoes as accessories, but finding the right pair of shoes is essential to a great look. As the weather cools down, the boots start to come out. The French and Italians, as always, infuse impeccable style into their boots, which are sleek and sexy, sometimes with a touch of vintage sensibility; something that bleeds over into designs that are as comfortable as they are luxurious. With top designers like Maison Margiela, Lanvin, Kenzo, Givenchy pulling out all the stops this fall season, you’re sure to find an amazing pair of boots to go with any casual business or street style. Get ready to boot up your style this fall


Hats Off to You

While designer hats may not be considered as popular in the United States as in Europe, after witnessing the latest men’s fashion trends from London, Paris, Italy and beyond during the last Men’s Fashion Week, the upcoming fall/winter season may have more than a few guys clamoring for these stylish head accessories. Some of the world’s most famous names in men’s fashion, including Issey Miyake, John Varvatos, and Vivienne Westwood, have crafted some amazing trends in men’s designer hats. These eclectic men’s hats create looks drawn from history, evoking everything from Victorian-era luxury to circa-1960s classic style. All you need is a tip of the hat to complete your ensemble


Are you ready to wear these hot new trends in men’s designer accessories this fall?