The Purpose

 Dalys 1895 Tie Clips

The purpose of a tie clip, most obviously, is to keep your tie in place--rather than have it swinging in the breeze, or becoming misaligned under your jacket. Obviously other than it’s practical purposes, it can be a small detail that ties in your outfit flawlessly.


The size of the clip matters a lot, and should match the length of your tie. Or else, your tie clip will be overlapping your tie. Make sure it’s length appropriate so you won’t have this issue. This can be difficult on occasion, especially since slimmer ties have become more of the norm with today’s men’s fashion trends.


The placement of the tie clip is very important! And it’s often overlooked. A good rule of thumb is to wear it between your third and fourth button around the sternum.  Wearing one too high or too low is an obvious eyesore.

Color & Style

While it’s true that you can’t go wrong with a silver tie clip, I’d certainly recommend having fun with your look! Try different looks and feels! We offer a wide variety of colors, and feels to help add that flair to your look.


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