The origins of the men’s bracelet tend can be traced primarily to Italy, where it was seen on the wrists of everyone from designers, to businessmen, to athletes. The trend spread throughout Europe and eventually made its way to America, where we’ve seen an evolution in the quality of bracelets available in menswear collections. Bracelets, according to fashion experts such as fashion blogger Brad Bennett, acknowledge that “Many guys have begun to view bracelets as a way to separate themselves from the herd” by adding smaller, unexpected touches to their wardrobe.


One of the keys to making the bracelet trend work is to utilize volume. By layering and mixing bracelets, men can introduce more depth and aesthetic interest to their wardrobe. A single bracelet can complement a power suit or business attire, but more recent trends dictate that layered bracelets with a variety of materials is key to making a visual statement. Consider pairing any of our beaded or woven bracelets together for an avant-garde look.


While bracelets can suit just about any outfit, it is important to have a sense for what materials complement each other. Larger, chunkier pieces such as Zancan Black Steel Men’s bracelets are stand-alone pieces that command attention and therefore should be paired with a simple, neutral outfit. Smaller, simpler pieces such as Tateossians’ Silver Click Scoubidou Bracelet can be paired with more casual clothing as well as additional bracelets for classic, urban appeal.


Zancan Black Steel Men's Bracelet


Teenagers might be able to get away with plastic accessories; however, men’s accessories should be treated as investments. Not only will quality bracelets last longer, they’ll look better than cheaply-constructed accessories. Using materials such as all-natural leather and sterling silver, designers such as Thompsons of London and Scott Kay have upped the ante when it comes to men’s accessories. Updating your accessories with classically designed, well-crafted pieces can serve to elevate your overall style.