Since there’s no escaping the high temperatures of summer, you might as well look cool. Forget the board shorts and tank tops and start emulating the sexy and stylish looks from the streets of Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice and other cities from the Old World. We’re talking about how you can pull off some amazing Italian street style this summer.

How to Pull Off Italian Street Style This Summer

Keep It Simple, Keep It Cool

The first rule of dressing for dressing like the Italians in summer is simplicity. Whether you’re going to work, meet friends or spending the day exploring the city, you don’t want to be ostentatious or over-dressed. The Italian street style dictates the idea of sprezzatura, or “effortlessly stylish”. This, above all, is how you achieve this look. For those wanting a more professional look, try accessorizing your ensemble with a pocket square to contrast your jacket or blazer. Pants should be lightweight and comfortable, giving an air of casualness to your look. And socks? You don’t need no stinking socks!

Spending Summer Outdoors

Despite the heat, people come out in droves to enjoy the summer weather and outdoor activities, from walking golden shores to hiking mountainous trails. Whatever your summer excursion may be, you’ll need to have a quality bag to carry all your stuff. The Italians adore their leather, and bags are no exception. You can always use a hand-crafted tote, messenger bag or attaché.

To Bowtie or Not to Bowtie

The bowtie is exploding in popularity among the Millennial set, and is one of the most prevalent accessories in Italian street style. Bowties can provide a hint of color or add some fun to your look. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work or to meet for drinks. A good bowtie can set you apart from the rest of the crowd, particularly if it complements the rest of your outfit. Silk is perfect for the summer as it’s light and airy, which means you won’t sweat profusely.

Shoes for Summer

The Italians forgo socks and have an affinity for loafers to stay as casual and comfortable as possible. Summer typically means fun and relaxation, so you don’t want your feet to feel stressed, especially if you do a lot of walking. A sleek pair of boat shoes or even men’s sandals will keep you light on your feet as you stroll down the street or boardwalk this summer.

When it comes right down to it, you can’t go wrong with the Italian street style this summer. You’ll be cool and look cool at the same time. Just try not to turn too many heads. How will you pull off Italian street style this summer?