When it comes to weddings, whether you are the groom, in the wedding party, or just a guest, you’ll want to stand out as stylish on such a special day. Aside from the tuxedos and/or suits, each guy can achieve a unique look with a few simple accessories. Some men have never considered wearing men’s fashion accessories, but weddings usually happen only once, so put a little extra effort into it. Here are some of the many men’s luxury fashion accessories that you can include in your wedding attire.


The Cufflinks Make the Man

If you’re about to stand on the altar and take your wedding vows, all eyes will be on you and your partner. Many pictures and video will be snapped (and shared). It will feel as though you’re under attack by the paparazzi, so you want to look your best. You could try exemplifying your endless love for your significant other with a pair of beautifully hand-crafted sterling silver infinity cufflinks. And if you’re a little more quirky, there are always some great Star Wars-themed cufflinks. Cufflinks add just the right touch to complete your wedding ensemble./p>

Bow Ties  

Bow Ties for the Groomsmen

Some weddings can be huge affairs. Getting everyone together can be quite an ordeal. The bridesmaids and groomsmen. All the family and friends. Particularly for those asked to be in the wedding party, it can be a big responsibility. Why not give the groomsmen something nice for their participation, like a silk Bruno Piattelli bow tie that can be worn in any formal or professional setting beyond the wedding. There are also other men’s luxury fashion accessories that can given in appreciation of their support of your marriage, such as designer tie clips and pins, money clips, or wallets and card holders.

emgraved cufflinks  

Engrave It With Something Special

Engraving always adds a certain permanence to something. Much like two people engrave each other’s love onto their souls, you can literally engrave that love or something else special on a pair of beautiful solid silver cufflinks that could also make a perfect thank you gift for a best man or groomsman.

Other Useful Wedding Accessories

From belts to socks to shoes, dressing properly for a wedding requires that you have some sort of formal fashion sense. You obviously wouldn’t show up at a wedding wearing flip-flops (unless it is one of those kinds of weddings) the same as you wouldn’t want to out-dress the groom (unless you are the groom). Any way you look at it, men’s luxury accessories are warranted in your wedding attire. You want to look sleek and well-put together. After all, cameras will be flashing everywhere, you might as well look good.