Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to check out the latest trends dominating the men’s fashion runways from the 2015 Fall/Winter collections. From sleek and sexy to rough and rugged, men’s fashion this upcoming season combines luxury and comfort in new ways befitting the modern man. Here are some of the looks you’ll want to have on rotation in your closet this fall and winter.

The Layered Look

On a meta level, one’s wardrobe is an extension of one’s character, with many layers working together to create a cohesive characterization that reveals the person wearing it to the world. On a practical level, layers keep you warm. Winter is coming, after all.

khaki suits

Keep your layers simple to stay comfortable and warm, and don’t be afraid to throw in a pattern or two (if you’re so inclined). This season is full of grays and cooler, darker colors that are perfect for the heavier wools and knits that are typically layered. While there’s no “wrong” way to layer your wardrobe, depending on your style, you can go for a more sophisticated, professional look or have a more relaxed, casual feel.

Not Your Grandma’s Sweaters

Sweaters are one of the most popular men’s fashions in the world. A good sweater, whether it’s a solid color or an offbeat pattern, can complement almost any style. Typically, sweaters are reserved for the cooler times of year, but sweaters are also worn in many regions where the weather is not normally cool. Lots of people have received a special sweater from a grandma or auntie that is only ever worn to ironic “bad sweater” parties, only to be relegated to the bottom of a dusty drawer until it is resurrected again next year. But, forget those sweaters. The sweaters and knits you want to focus on are the ones that are going to turn heads, because you’d rather look like you’re straight-outta-Hollywood than Stan-from-Accounting.

Not Your Grandma Sweaters

You’re Covered: Coats and Jackets

Obviously, coats and jackets are a favorite for the Fall/Winter season. They stave off the bitter cold, sure, but the right coat or jacket can transform an ensemble. There are so many different styles and designs for men’s coats and jackets this season—from the neo-Seventies looks that are killing on the runways of Milan to the classic, sophisticated looks of London to the neo-post-punk-slash-future-chic street fashions of Paris. Here’s a glimpse at some of the amazing coats and jackets you’ll want to be wearing this upcoming season.

Coats and Jackets

The 2015 Fall/Winter men’s fashion season is shaping up to be quite exciting. No matter what your style is, don’t forget to accessorize with bags, bracelets, cufflinks, pocket squares and more to complete your overall look. Remember, it’s all in the details. What do you want in your closet this season?