Hello, my name is Daly and I am the founder of Dalys1895.com. I’m looking forward to sharing our history, what we believe in and where we are going through our weekly blog.

Dalys1895.com is a continuation of the spirit of the Daly Brothers Department Store brand. An idea that started as a dry goods store in 19 th century Ireland, continued on in the United States as department stores through the 20th century and is now a website for the 21st century.

The first store in the USA was founded in 1895 in Eureka, California by my Great Grandfather and my Great Uncles Cornelius and John Daly. Later there were stores in Crescent City, Fortuna and Fort Bragg, CA. Some of my earliest and fondest memories were spent visiting the Daly Brothers Department Stores. I remember hearing about the stories my Great Uncles had shared about growing up in County Cork, Ireland and the time they spent at the dry goods store their father and grandfather owned.

In the 1860s Cornelius and John had sailed to America and made their way by wagon train to the new state of California with the dream of opening up their own store and continuing the family’s tradition. Through a lot of hard work and perseverance they made it a reality and became known for superior selections and unparalleled customer service.

More than one hundred and fifty years later that dream still continues.

One of our greatest joys is helping you find exactly what you are searching for. Finding that “perfect” gift that will still be remembered and appreciated ten years from now.

Our selection of products are fine accessories for men. We scan the globe and personally meet with designers to find really special, unique, and high quality offerings that you will be proud to wear or give to someone that is special to you.

Thank you for joining us,