Dalys 1895 Bags

Choose Quality over Quantity

Customizing one’s style is relatively easy with access to the right designs. When choosing new items for your wardrobe, the key is to invest in pieces that will last, not “quick fixes” that will wear out. A duffle bag made of aged leather will last much longer than a plastic duffle, and will instantly set you apart as a man with taste.

Subtle Touches

To create looks unique to your style, the smallest touches can make a difference. Fashion is often more about subtlety than it is about loud prints and ostentatious designs. A pair of demure cufflinks or a customized tie clip can be an unexpected, yet fashionable addition to a suit; while a classically designed belt or leather bracelet can help casual outfits stand out from the rest.Dalys 1895

Trends and Seasons

Making sure that your clothing is up to date with the latest industry trends and seasonally appropriate is a must when trying to create a signature look. Outdated pieces and faux pas can instantly make your look appear cheap. Make sure to update your wardrobe yearly, throwing out older pieces in favor of more modern designs. Seasonal wardrobe additions such as scarves should also be added as necessary. Again, quality over quantity is the key to achieving a classic look that allows for personal touches.

Take Risks

There’s no sense in putting on the same suit and tie combination every day. Simple steps like introducing splashes of color or hints of texture can elevate the aesthetics of any outfit. Experimenting with different accessories like switching out a tie for a bow tie or adding a traditional pocket square can set your wardrobe apart and help you make a bolder, more authoritative statement with your clothing.

Dalys 1895 accessories are designed to complement classic designs while adding a sense of individuality and modernity to any wardrobe. Our selection of accessories is the height of luxury, masculinity, functionality, and class.