Travel is a large part of many professionals’ jobs, but the next time you have to go away on business, one essential accessory that men should not leave home (or the office) without is a luxury bag. Whether it’s a hand-crafted leather bag, duffel bag, or backpack, the men’s luxury bag as an accessory is paramount to have by your side on a business trip. Check out some of today’s hottest men’s luxury bags from some of the world’s top designers, and you’ll show off your style and sensibility anywhere in the world you happen to do business.


Backpacks Aren’t Just for Students

Backpacks are excellent for travelers on business or leisure, but for professional men, your standard backpack just won’t cut it. You need style, durability, and versatility. Something like the Archival Clothing Mens Waxed Roll Top Backpack that will protect your belongings against the elements, whether you’re in the city or in the wilderness. If your business trip keeps you in the safe confines of a hotel, office or convention center, you may consider something like the Jack Spade Luggage Nylon Backpack, whose nylon is more lightweight than leather and still protects any important baggage inside.


Handbags That Turn Heads

Until recent times, many professional men were reluctant to carry handbags, unaware that luxury handbags offer a more stylish and versatile alternative to the standard briefcase. This Ben Minkoff Men’s Leather Wythe Leather Bag is perfect for weekends, whether you’re headed to the boardwalk or stuck in the boardroom. Traveling abroad? Better make sure that carry-on bag is something like this Fred Perry Classic PVC Holdall, which helps keep you and your essentials (electronics, change of clothes, toiletries, etc.) organized.


Looking Good with Leather at Your Side

Professional men need to look like they’re on their game at all times. That’s why there are men’s luxury designer handbags—handmade leather is a staple of luxurious quality, featuring durability and accessibility, and able to carry everything you need for the office. This Mulholland Brothers American Bison Large Box Tote is ideal for the professional on-the-go, and is useful for any impromptu trips to the beach, Las Vegas, or elsewhere. Wherever you go, don’t be caught without a classically stylish men’s leather handbag at your side..


Waxed Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are popular because they are light and durable. That is, until they get wet. Waxed canvas is preferred because more professionals are taking to the outdoors or hitting the road for work and play. There is a versatility factor with heavy-duty bags like the Hook + Albert Men’s Waxed Canvas Garment Weekender Bag, which professionals need when transitioning between home and work life.