How do you best enhance the look of distinguished men?

Accessories are becoming a much more important part of a stylish sartorial man’s wardrobe.  Men’s bracelets have become a huge fashion.  From the Financier in a suit all the way through to a causal look of jeans and polo shirt, a man can wear (or even layer) some cool bracelets.


What is your definition of strength?

This is a good question! My definition of strength is using intelligence and logic to overcome any problems that come my way, not letting my pride or ego enhance my decisions.


How do you define sophisticated?

Understated chic, good quality clothes and accessories that fit the wearer.  Clothes must  not be too loose, or too tight, having fine cottons for shirts, finished off with a stylish pair or cufflinks and not mixing too many colours in my opinion is my definition of a sophisticated look.


How much should a man's accessories reveal his true personality?

A man can wear too many accessories, so the accessories he chooses should be selected carefully! Accessories are a wonderful way of subtly expressing someone’s personality. for example if they choose to wear our Retro Cufflinks such as the Sunglasses and Cigar that may show a sense of humour.


What should everyman know about women?

That all women like to be appreciated and be treated with respect and kindness.

Also… according to American Psychologist Albert Ellis ‘There is no evidence whatsoever that men are more rational than women. Both sexes seem to be equally irrational!’


Where are your designs best worn?

I like to think I have designs for all occasions! For day, a pair of our hugely popular Retro Cameral cufflinks, for night our Galileo stud and cufflink set, or even a casual weekend look wearing one of our Braid Skull bracelets or Demon Lobster Clasp bracelets in rose gold.


As an artist, what natural landscapes inspire you?

I love the English Countryside, driving through small villages, and taking a walk through the green fields in open country air.  Dorset is one of my favourite landscapes as it is very hilly and you can walk along the edge of cliffs between the sea and rolling green hills.


What is the right amount of attention a man should pay to his look?

A man should not fight his wife/girlfriend for mirror time! I think a few minutes each morning is reasonable, just enough time to decide what outfit to wear, select a shirt to match and which tie and cufflink if it’s a work day.


What 's the best advice you ever received?

Believe in yourself, work hard and you will achieve whatever you set your heart on.


how do you handle being friends with the ultra famous?

The ultra famous are people just like you and me.  I have a number of very famous clients such as Antonio Banderas and David Beckham, they are very down to earth and have always gone out of their way to personally thank me when I have sent them a gift.