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Designer Interview:
Archival Clothing's
Tom Bonamici Part 2


As an artist what natural landscapes inspire you?

I love being outside.  I’m not going to argue if it’s the beach or the desert, but I really look forward to visiting forests and mountains. This year, I went to the Carpathian Mountains in Poland and did some hut-to-hut hiking.  There's this emphasis on personal mobility, but I also love the structures that spring up in the mountains.

How do you think a man finds his true calling?

All we really have to do is feed and shelter ourselves - hopefully happily and, in a way that adds happiness and delight to people’s lives.  Sometimes, especially in America, it seems that we can equate people's job's to their personalities.  I find that to be a real bummer - that people would be entirely defined by their job. 

What's the best advice you've ever received?

Its not the deepest chunk of wisdom maybe, but I'll always remember hearing "Your Dollar Is Your Vote."  I just love that.   It's something I heard from a bike shop owner in Eugene, Paul Nicholson.  And he just had a way of describing why it's important to support local economies.

What adventure changed your life?

I've had adventures in Europe, North Africa and in the U.S.  This summer, I traveled to Poland and southern Sweden. I met an old friend there and we did some timber farming on his farm.  It's incredible, the kind of life he’s carved out for himself.  But, sometimes the smallest adventure can lead to the biggest change.

Is there anything you want to share about your company and designs, anything coming up that you would like to highlight?

We are very small and we don't take investment capital, so we aren’t in debt at all.  Which is great in one way, but it also means that we move very slowly.  We kind of put out a single product at a time.  Leslie and I have been putting together a little bit of a collection for next fall - some very simple garments sized for both men and women.  We are really excited to grow that part of the company.  That’s fantastic.  I'm loving your designs even more after speaking with you. 

That wraps it up.  Great to talk to you.

Thanks, Tom,

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