So many styles and trends come and go throughout the seasons, but these hybrids of comfort and class are styles perfectly suited for the street or office. From the industry’s top design houses and the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan, these five luxurious men’s fashion trends for this upcoming Fall and Winter collections will help you continue to look your best for the rest of 2015.

1. Khaki Suits

khaki suits

The khaki suit is a classic style that is appropriate for Fall since it is light enough that you don’t suffer heat exhaustion in warmer climates, but you will be comfortable in any cooler autumnal weather. The khaki suit looks fantastic in a variety of cuts and can be worn tight or loose, and depending on your style, you can look more modern or even a bit retro. Even if khaki isn’t your thing, there is a khaki suit for everyone. It matches well with white and is also be quite versatile as it matches up well with many different colors and styles of shirts and ties. Or if you prefer a more subdued attire, simply accent your khaki suit with hint of color using pocket squares.

2. Prints, Prints and More Prints

Prints, Prints and More Prints

2015’s Spring and Summer collections exhibited a lot of big, bold, colorful prints. Some geometric, some animal, some illustrated. The good thing is that the print explosion for men’s fashion is still going strong, and this Fall and Winter will see more prints, but tonally adjusted for the latter seasons. Lots of floral prints that can be seen on shirts, jackets, hoodies, even pants and bags. Designers use prints to explore a more youthful, playful side of men’s fashion while still maintaining a classy and mature sheen to it all.

3. Bomber Jackets: Setting New Sights on Old Fashions

Bomber Jackets

Fall and Winter is the perfect time to bust out the bomber jacket. This year’s bombers are calm, cool and collected in darker tones that seem to be inspired by everything from the night sky to the desert dunes. A variety of colors and materials offers a bomber for practically any occasion. The bomber jacket is fully functional in that it will keep you cozy while keeping up appearances with some serious style. These aren’t your granddad’s bomber jackets, as they accommodate a modern style that combines casual comfort with high-end fashion.

4. Jeans: A Timeless Staple of Men’s Fashion

Bomber Jackets

A good pair of jeans will make its rotations in your closet for a lifetime (or basically until they are either outgrown or worn out), because jeans are timeless. Sure there are many different styles which change with trends (e.g. baggy vs skinny) but essentially jeans are (or should) always be a part of wardrobe all year long. They can be worn whenever despite the weather. They pair well with shirts, sweaters and more. You can wear sneakers or dress shoe with jeans. Don’t underestimate jeans—ever since they came into style, they’ve never gone out of style.

5. Tie, Tie Again

Bomber Jackets

While a recent 2015 survey conducted by GQ revealed that men wear nearly 30% fewer ties than they did 30 years ago, the tie still is prevalent in men’s professional wardrobes and can be used to offset or contrast a suit, to match a shirt, or simply to be a bit bold when your suit doesn’t otherwise allow you to be. Don’t forget some good tie clips to round out your look. And if you’re the type that doesn’t like ties, you could always wear bow ties.

Which of these trends interest you? Do you already set any of these trends? Are there any luxurious looks for men you can share? If so, post pictures.