2014 saw a number of men’s trends hit it big, from lumberjack chic to man buns. 2015 promises an even wider array of styles to become popular on the streets, with nods to older eras of fashion and more eccentric use of color, print, and accessories.

Experiment with different fabrics

There’s no substitute for quality materials. Cheap fabric can be spotted from miles away and will instantly make your clothing (and you) look cheap. So, unless you’re still in high school and borrowing your parents’ car to get around, quality fabrics in both apparel and accessories are a must. This might mean spending a little more money, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Fabrics like thicker denim, sporty cottons, and even satin are making their way into menswear in 2015.

Forget about the backpack

Mens bags have come a long way in the past few years. These works of art have evolved from being called “men’s purses” to becoming a statement of masculinity and authority. And, with designers using fabrics like leather and brushed suede, these bags will last much longer than any bargain plastic duffle bag. Invest a little extra money in a quality laptop, duffle, or overnight bag for 2015 and you won’t be sorry.

Be on time

Some say a man without a watch is like a woman without a purse. Nothing says “class” like a sophisticated timepiece, and it beats having to check your smartphone for the time every five minutes. But watches don’t have to be clunky, gold statement pieces. In fact, designers like Tateossian and Penny Black have carefully crafted mechanical watch movement cufflinks to tastefully incorporate punctuality into your wardrobe without overstatement. With something more than just a watch, you’ll be able to seamlessly match dependability to your style and personality.

Don’t be afraid of accessories

Long gone are the days when men’s accessories were limited to ties and pocket squares. Major designers have recently come out with a number of men’s accessory lines that include bracelets, necklaces, headgear, scarfs, kerchiefs (which made several appearances at New York’s Fashion Week), rings, and even hair accessories. The right accessories can provide the perfect accent to any suit of casual getup. Don’t be afraid to add some bling to your basic suit and tie.

Retro pieces and prints

Now might be a good time to break out your dad’s bowling style shirts from back in the day because retro is making a big comeback in 2015. Pieces from several decades are showing up in designer collections recently, from the loose-fitting collared shirts of the 1950s to the sweatshirt tied around the waist of the 1990s. And, don’t forget to add a loud print or two into your wardrobe to pair with more classic pieces. A polka dotted or striped shirt paired with a classically cut blazer is a huge must on the list of things to do this year.